Joe DiMartino

Joe DiMartino is founder and president of the Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR), which builds on his work started at Brown University where he served as Director of Secondary School Redesign.  CSSR provides substantial technical assistance to numerous districts and schools that are seeking to personalize learning for adolescents including the primary TA provider for the New England Network for Personalization and Performance Assessment (NENPP). NENPP includes 13 high schools in four New England states and was awarded an i3 grant to assist schools to move toward performance assessment.

Joe is recognized as a national leader in efforts to personalize learning in secondary schools. He was an architect of both Breaking Ranks 2 and Breaking ranks in the Middle, signature publication of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. In recognition of his contribution, he was awarded the Distinguished Service to Education Award by the NASSP. He has also been recognized as the expert on high school redesign by ASCD in its professional development resource PDINFocus that features online media, tools, and resources for powerful professional development.  

In addition to writing numerous published articles, Joe has co-authored two books: Personalizing the High School Experience for Each Student, and the Facilitator’s Guide for High Schools at Work: Creating Student Centered Learning, both published by Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. He also co-edited Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create their Futures, published by Rowman Littlefield and The Personalized High School: Making Learning Count for Adolescents published by Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA.