Jan Struebing

Jan Struebing is a nationally known presenter and educator in the areas of Academies, Counseling and Career & Technical Education. She has retired after serving as a school counselor for 23 years, Director of Career & Technical Education in her school system for 12 years, and the role of Academy Administrator. She was chosen for the Outstanding School Counselor Administrator for Arkansas.

Jan helped to develop one of the original “Teachers As Advisor” models in the country, and has expertise in getting “buy-in” from faculties and staff for the advisory model as well as the “Student Led Model” and “Personalized Learning Plans.” She has created videos, curriculum and materials that are used throughout the country. Jan has done several national workshops in advisory for High Schools That Work as well as consults with schools across the country on this program.

She introduced academies to the State of Arkansas and developed model programs in the school system where she worked based on the National Standards of Practice for Academies. Jan currently serves as the Executive Director for the National Career Academy Coalition Board.