Extend your learning and enjoy interacting with colleagues in the intimate comfort of a pre-session on Monday, Octoner 30th prior to the opening of the NCAC conference. For the past several years, due to the high quality of NCAC pre-sessions, they have been sold out! We expect this year to be no different, as these four pre-sessions are rich educational experiences led by seasoned facilitators. Each year participants comment that they come back because the sessions are on target, well worth the nominal price and provide them with something to use as soon as they return to school.

Each full day session is $300 and includes continental breakfast, lunch, all materials and free wifi. Rates are per person.

Monies from your Carl Perkins, Title 1, i3, Race to the Top, DOL Youth Career Connect grants are allowable for these sessions. Please register today right here on our website. We have a chair with your name on it.

Forward Thinking: The Nuts and Bolts of Envisioning and Creating A Career Academy

If you are just getting started with career academies, design them with the future in mind! The demands of the 21st Century learning and work environments mandate academy designs that are forward thinking. This session will use the ten National Standards of Practice (NSOP) as ways to organize academy visioning, design and implementation. The NSOPs cover topics such as academy design and structure, academy governance, teaching and learning, and more. Practical advice will be shared from seasoned academy professionals and participants will take home planning forms ready to use.

Dr. Dana Brown - Director of Student Services, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Aimee Wyatt - Leadership Consultant, Southern Regional Education Board

Sustaining Academies through Collective Impact

Starting career academies isn’t easy. But neither is sustaining them. You will need the ongoing support of your entire community to keep your career academies thriving for generations to come. In this session hosted by Alignment Nashville/Alignment USA, you will hear how their collective impact approach has brought the entire community together - over more than 10 years - to create, sustain, and now reinvent the Academies of Nashville. You will take away specific strategies and concepts to help you ensure that career academies will continue to impact students for years to come.

Melissa Jaggers - President and CEO, Alignment Nashville

Develop Your Communications Plan in 4 Hours

Every school district is looking for ways to reach their targets efficiently. There aren’t ever enough marketing dollars or hours in the day to dedicate to communicating! This highly interactive session will help you create a first draft marketing plan tailored for your organization. It will include working with upper management, schools, and everyone else to achieve your Academy’s needs. Bring with you a laptop and a copy of your school’s strategic plan because all good marketing plans build on the organization’s strategy. You will also receive a copy of a Marketing Plan to help you create yours. 

Key Learning Objectives: 

•    Leave with a “first draft” marketing plan for your organization

•    How to keep your organization focused on effective marketing

•    How to use your time for the best results for your Academy

Pam Daly - Brand Sherpa, DK Brand

Building Strong Business and Community Partnerships 

Learn how to successfully onboard a business or community partner from intake to placement.  Utilizing the PENCIL Partner Life Cycle Model, participants will discover how to build and nurture sustainable partnerships.  PENCIL Partnership Core Competencies will provide insight on how to define, recruit and retain partners.

Bob Kucher, PENCIL