9th Grade College & Career Seminar Course

NCAC’s 9th Grade College & Career Seminar Course

NCAC is excited to introduce a NEW semester long course suitable for an A/B Schedule. It includes eight units cover the following topics: Freshman Norms, Teambuilding, Organizational Skills, Career and Pathway Research, and Digital Literacy.

Scope and Sequence:

  • Unit 1 - Freshman Norms & Teambuilding & Google and/or Microsoft
  • Unit 2  - Organizational Skills: Notetaking, time management, study skills, test-taking skills, learning styles
  • Unit 3  - Who Am I?:  Personality assessment and strengths assessment - writing and presenting
  • Unit 4 - Career & Pathway Research: Exploration of multiple pathways - set up as individual and independent activities - powerpoint, video, article, checks for understanding and reflection. There is also a scavenger hunt of pathway classrooms - a field trip of sorts.
  • Unit 5 - Career Readiness: Employability skills, communication skills, written communication - letter, memo, email, resume and cover letter creation.
  • Unit 6 - Digital Literacy: Using an Ever-fi (free resource) to teach students about digital literacy - instructions for teachers and students, and the module teacher manual.
  • Unit 7 - Responsibilities: Financial Literacy (Ever-fi), managing responsibilities, personal finance – basic budgeting.
  • Unit 8 - Culminating Career Research Project: Written component and visual presentation

Within each unit there is a lesson plan and links to which documents that will need to be copied or used in some manner during the lesson.

Most units have extension activities that can be used to either replace lessons, parts of lessons or extend the unit.

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  • $3,000 per school
  • Site license for $7,500 district for up to 5 schools
  • Site license for $9,500 district for up to 10 schools
  • Site license price plus $1,000 additional for each school above 10

This is a one time cost - there is no recurring fee.

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For more information, please contact our Director of Professional Learning, Dr. Kelly Henderson (