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Student Ambassador Training and Certification


Word of mouth is the most effective and efficient way to communicate the benefits of a college and career education and there is no better way to employ this strategy than through a Student Brand Ambassador Program. Student Brand Ambassadors should represent the diversity of your school and include students that are thought-leaders.

NCAC’s Student Brand Ambassador Certification Program ensures that your Ambassadors have the training they need to successfully represent their academies, high school and district. And, by coming to your district, NCAC trainers make sure the students are prepared in their own environment and in a cost efficient manner.

HOW IT WORKS: We come to you

Based on the number of Student Brand Ambassadors you wish to certify, NCAC will send 1-3 trainers to your district to conduct a one, two or three-day professional development session. A one-day training would consist of Modules 1, 2 and 3 (approximately three hours) with the district/school self selecting additional modules to complete the day. A full day of training would equal six hours. NCAC will adjust times and content of the modules based on the individual needs of districts/schools.

Module 1: Role of the Ambassador (1 hour)

Module 2: Understanding Career Academies ( 1 hour)

Module 3: Effective Communication ( 1 hour)

Module 4: Social Media Usage (1 hour)

Module 5: Goal Setting (1 hour)

Module 6: Understanding Leadership (1 hour)

Module 7: Speech Development and Delivery (2 hours)

Module 8: Embracing Diversity (1 hour)

Module 9: Being the Brand (1 hour)

Module 10: Launching a Blog (2 hours)

Module 11: Organizing a School Tour (6 hours)


WHAT IT COSTS: Your investment

# STUDENTS      #TRAINERS        1 DAY        2 DAYS       3 DAYS

      0 - 75                      1                $4,600       $7,000        $10,350

      76 - 150                  2                $7,000       $11,600       $15,750

       150 +                     3               $13,800      $15,750       $23,700

Students will receive an NCAC Student Brand Ambassador Certification for a one-day training.  Adding a second day of training, students will receive the NCAC Student Brand Ambassador Certification with Distinction!

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