Employer, Post Secondary Education, and Community Involvement

Employer, Post Secondary Education, and Community Involvement

A career academy links high school to its host community and involves members of the employer, post secondary education, and civic community in certain aspects of its operation.


  1. Local industry/economic needs
    The academy career field is selected to align with the economic and workforce development needs of the community and the state. This will ensure that there is adequate preparation of the future workforce and that there are sufficient opportunities for persons currently in this field to be engaged with the academy. 
  2. Community involvement
    Representatives of employers, post-secondary education, and the community help to guide the academy’s curriculum, and provide experiential components such as guest speakers, real-world projects field experience sites, shadowing opportunities, mentors, student internships, community service opportunities, college and other post-secondary education tours, as well as teacher externships.
  3. Citizenship
    The academy fosters a culture of respect for others regardless of background and encourages student contributions as global citizens.
  4. Work-based learning
    The academy offers work-based learning opportunities for all interested students either through internships, community service, or other community-based work programs that the advisory board and the school district planning team determine are the best approach for that academy and community.