Certification Process

Academy Review and Baseline Analysis Rubrics

NOTE: The National Standards of Practice were refined in August 2021. The rubrics are being updated to reflect these refinements. As they become available, a link will be available below. Each will be a PDF in Google, so you will need to open and download. 

Please use the rubrics to guide you as you implement your academies and prepare for academy reviews and baseline analyses. If you have any questions, please email the Review Coordinator, Nicole Cobb: ncobb@ncacinc.com

Review Rubrics

Academy Review Rubric

Freshman Academy Review Rubric

Middle School Academy Review Rubric - Pilot Year 2022-23

Elementary Pre-Academy Review Rubric - Pilot Year 2022-23

Baseline Analysis Rubrics

Academy Baseline Analysis

Freshman Academy Baseline Analysis

Middle School Academy Baseline Analysis

Elementary Pre-Academy Baseline Analysis

 Academy Review and Baseline Analysis Sample Process Documents