Extend your learning and enjoy interacting with colleagues in the intimate comfort of a pre-session on Monday, November 5th, prior to the opening of the NCAC conference. For the past several years, due to the high quality of NCAC pre-sessions, they have been sold out! We expect this year to be no different, as these five pre-sessions are rich educational experiences led by seasoned facilitators. Each year participants comment that they come back because the sessions are on target, well worth the nominal price and provide them with something to use as soon as they return to school.

Each full day session is $300 and includes continental breakfast, lunch, all materials and free wifi. Rates are per person.

Monies from your Carl Perkins or Title 1 grants are allowable for these sessions. Please register today right here on our website. We have a chair with your name on it.

#1 - Forward Thinking: The Nuts and Bolts of Envisioning and Creating A Career Academy


#2 - Building Strong Business and Community Partnerships 

Learn how to successfully onboard a business or community partner from intake to placement.  Utilizing the PENCIL Partner Life Cycle Model, participants will discover how to build and nurture sustainable partnerships.  PENCIL Partnership Core Competencies will provide insight on how to define, recruit and retain partners.

Bob Kucher, PENCIL 

#3 - Standards-Based Interdisciplinary Planning

This training teaches participants processes for designing interdisciplinary learning that focuses on the concepts and skills. Teachers learn the process of looking deeply at the content standards through an interdisciplinary lens by deconstructing their standards collaboratively. Once these concepts and skills are identified then topics, or big ideas, begin to emerge. Interdisciplinary enduring understanding and essential questions are then written as the framework for introducing the units of study.

Teachers leave this session with the skills necessary to design interdisciplinary units of study that are rigorous in their design of student work, relevant because they are tied to the students' career focus and personalized due to students often being a part of the design process itself.

David Holden, Founding Partner and Director of Operations, American Alliance for Innovative Systems, LLC

#4 - Project-Based Learning for Leaders

Audience: Administrators (District and School level), academy coaches, teacher leaders with Academy Responsibilities 

This training provides participants with a detailed overview of the Standards Based Interdisciplinary Planning/Project Based Learning (SBIP/PBL) process that includes:

  • deconstructing standards collaboratively within your teachers' scope and sequence curriculum documents
  • determine common concepts or universal ideas and skills from their standards to serve as the focus for interdisciplinary instructional planning
  • determine how projects might be designed so students will demonstrate mastery of each content area's concepts and skills that are to be taught

and teaches participants how to do the following:

  • Evaluate the quality of project designs
  • Monitor the implementation of SBIP/PBL
  • Measure the impact on student learning

Participants will practice using an Innovation Configuration (IC) Map and review academy artifacts, like PBL plans and academy meeting minutes, to simulate the monitoring and evaluation process.  Participants will leave the session with the skills necessary to support, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of SBIP/PBL and electronic templates of monitoring and data collection tools.

Robin Shrode, Founding Partner and Director of Operations, American Alliance for Innovative Systems, LLC

#5 - Scheduling for Transformation

The complexities of building an academy master schedule can be overwhelming, especially for those with little or no master scheduling experience. This workshop provides participants with the understanding of how educational philosophy is just as important as planning and process when developing an academy master schedule.

Kelly Henderson, Ed.D, Consultant, the Nashville Hub