Conference Tours

Conference Tours and School Visits


TOUR #1) THINC College and Career Academy

THINC College & Career Academy is part of the Georgia Career Academy Network (GCAN) and was recognized as a National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) Model Academy in 2019. THINC Academy opened its doors for the 2015-2016 school year with the support of many local businesses and industry partners including KIA Georgia, the Technical College System of Georgia, Georgia Power, and Callaway Foundation. These and our many other business partners wanted to develop a College and Career Academy where students received not only standard academic and career courses, but also had the opportunity to learn and  experience the day-to-day happenings in those careers. As such, THINC Academy, along with its community and industry partners, use a hands-on business approach to equip students with the skills necessary to discover and achieve their college and career goals.

During your visit to THINC you will have the opportunity to explore CTE pathways that include Mechatronics, Engineering, Game Design, Marketing, Health Science, and International Business. You will also discover how the GCAN and NCAC models of college and career academies align while having unique characteristics.

TOUR #2)  Berkmar High School - Academies include: Construction Academy and Film and Digital Arts Academy.

In 2006 Berkmar High school became one of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ seven Academy Schools. These transformative schools were created in answer to local industry’s need for an educated and competent workforce, and a desire to offer students the opportunity to learn  about their career possibilities and succeed in them through solid academics combined with  experiential education on and off campus. 

Berkmar has adapted its Academies based on student interest and where our business and postsecondary partners see opportunities for our graduates. These measures led to the  Construction Academy becoming one of our founding academies in 2006 . Since that time the multi-award winning program has flourished with support in instruction and job placements from a wide range of key figures in Georgia  construction like the Atlanta General Contractors, Construction Ready; Collins and Arnold; MetroPower; Echkardt Electric along with the programs Kennesaw State University and Gwinnett Georgia College. 

Student interest and industry need again influenced the decision to open the Film + Digital Arts Academy in 2021. Guided by industry partnerships like the Georgia Film Academy, GCPS built a one of a kind facility in the heart of the state’s booming Film/TV industry. It is housed with technology and equipment used found on today’s film and television sets. Combined with an industry guided curriculum, F+DA students have the opportunity to become the storytellers and creators of tomorrow 

During your visit to Berkmar  you will have the opportunity to explore Construction Academy and the Film + Digital Arts Academy as well as some of the other distinctive spaces that house a wide breadth of career centered learning, including Healthcare and Engineering. Tour will cover the Construction and F+DA Academies , and to highlight the breadth of our school  offerings , possibly some of the newer CTE spaces ( Health and Engineering)  or Fine Arts class that in the future will be integrated with F+DA

TOUR #3) Central Gwinnett High School  – School of the Arts

The School of the Arts @ Central Gwinnett High School or SOTA offers a unique “arts-centric” learning experience for Gwinnett County high school students with a passion for the arts. SOTA is designed for students who want to take their art to the next level, working with industry professionals and partnering with arts organizations. This “school within a school” opened in the Fall of 2021 and provides opportunities that students will not find anywhere else.  

SOTA Conservatory Program—The Conservatory is the signature program of SOTA. A non-traditional schedule allows students to spend more of their school day in expanded arts classes, internships, and work experiences in the arts. SOTA offers the most fine arts courses in the district, and its faculty is made up of creative industry professionals. Areas of concentration include Art and Design, Dance, Music Technology and Audio Production, Theatre, and Voice. Conservatory students spend up to 20 hours per week in their arts program of study. Admittance to the Conservatory is determined through auditions, interviews, and juried presentations and performances. 

TOUR #5) Discovery High School

Discovery High School is part of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ System and is one of seven College and Career Academy High Schools in the district. Students begin their high school journey in the 9th Grade Academy, where they learn about the various academies and college and career pathways offered at Discovery High School. At the end of their 9th grade year, students can choose their academy based on their interests. Those academy choices are the STEM Academy, the Health and Human Services Academy, the Fine Arts Academy, and the Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. From 10th grade to 12th grade, students in each academy can engage in hand-on learning that reflects industry standards and expectations in their pathway of choice. Through business partnerships in the community, internship and job shadowing opportunities help students gain real-world experience to prepare them for life after high school.  

During your visit to Discovery High School, you will have the opportunity to see how our Health and Human Services Academy teachers utilize state-of-the-art healthcare equipment and simulations to prepare students for the healthcare industry. You will also get to learn how our Logistics program leverages business partners to enhance student learning and solve real logistical issues. Our Creative Media Team will show you how we use Work-Based Learning opportunities in our building to work with outside stakeholders on media projects, as well as highlight Discovery High School student achievements and experiences. Finally, you will learn how the City of Lawrenceville, Impact 46 (a local non-profit organization), and Discovery High School partner together to provide a paid summer internship program for students that culminates in a community impact project developed alongside local city leaders.  

TOUR #6) McClure Health Science High School

McClure Health Science High School was established in 2019 in Duluth, Georgia. Our school's mission focuses on the meaning and purpose in each student’s life by providing relevant opportunities for college and career pathways that unfold into a promising future. Our student body is comprised of 10% Asian/Pacific Islander, 16% Black, 70% Hispanic, 1% Multiracial, and 3% Caucasian. Our vision is to be a world-class Health Science High School known for the quality of its learning experience and the positive impact it has on the lives of students. McClure Health Science High School is focused on providing a relevant, hands-on, and engaging educational experience for our students.

McClure Health Science High School currently provides students with the opportunity to gain certification in the following pathways: Patient Care Technician (PCT), Health Information Management (HIM), and Exercise Physiology (NASM-CPT). The pathways offered through our Health Science program are focused on occupations in the healthcare field. Our unique health science program allows students the opportunity to take courses that focus on anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, healthcare laws and practices, and skills to prepare for a healthcare career.

During your visit to McClure Health Science High School, you will have the opportunity to explore the three health science pathways, virtual anatomy platforms, interactive health science equipment, and a state-of-the-art facility.  

OTHER SCHOOL TOURS (More Details to Follow)

TOUR #4) Lanier High School – Center of Design and Technology (STEM Academy)