Jan Struebing

Jan Struebing retired from the Springdale, AR Public Schools after 36 years in public education..  She served as a Middle school and Secondary counselor, as well as a Career Counselor  for 24 years and then for 14 years she served as the Director of the Career and Technical Education.  She has written and developed curriculum and videos used in Advisor/Advisee programs that are used throughout the country.  She also has served as an Academy Coordinator in school.  Currently she serves as an Evaluator for NCAC and helps to train new evaluators.  

She introduced Academies to the State of Arkansas and other schools in the country.  She helped construct the National Standards of Practice for NCAC.  She served as a Board member  for NCAC and also served as past Secretary and Executive Director for the organization.  She feels that all students should be able to participate in an Academy.