Capstone Manual

The National Career Academy Coalition has designed a capstone manual that addresses the National Standard of Practice 7 - Teaching and Learning. NCAC's capstone packet allows districts to customize your approach to implementing the capstone experience for all academy students.

A capstone course serves as the culminating and usually integrative experience of an educational program. It may also be referred to as senior seminar or final year project. This experience is designed to encourage students to investigate their topic based on experiences, skills, and knowledge acquired during their high school careers.The capstone experience will also help them develop a deeper understanding of themselves, including their strengths, aspirations, and personal guiding principles.

NCAC's capstone includes:

Capstone Experiences and Descriptions
Completion of Capstone Requirement
Senior Capstone Project Requirements 

  • Recommended Timeline
  • Capstone Project Agreement
  • Capstone Proposal
  • Proposal Approval Form
  • Calendar Expectations
  • Project Reflections
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Service Hours
  • Personal, Educational, and Work Experience Hours
  • Profile of a Graduate Documentation
  • Rubric: Research Paper
  • Rubric: Product
  • Rubric: Portfolio
  • Rubric: Presentation

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