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Baseline Analysis

A Baseline Analysis is a tool for a district/school to use to assess the progress of a career academy. It is based on the ten National Standards of Practice. So, if you are not ready to be reviewed for Certification or Model status, but are committed to following the National Standards of Practice, this review might be helpful to you.

The Baseline Analysis is available for you to utilize in two ways. An academy can use the document to assess itself. You may create your own local visiting team or conduct an internal assessment.

Second, two NCAC Baseline Consultants will visit your academy and meet with the academy team and administrators.  This assessment will provide you with a critical reference point for assessing your academy based on the National Standards of Practice.

The Baseline Consultants will evaluate your strengths and areas where you might want to focus your attention. You will receive a written report and suggestions for next steps. A Baseline Analysis could be a crucial element in formulating a professional learning plan for your academy’s development.  NCAC is available to provide help with every step in designing, implementing, and sustaining your career academy.

Download our Baseline Analysis flyer.