Spotlight: Northside High School

NCAC Insight Onsite Spotlight:
Northside High School - Advanced Applied S.T.E.M Academy

Founded in 2013 at Northside High School, the Advanced Applied STEM Career Academy prepares students for challenging, college-preparatory science, math, and engineering courses with a special focus on making STEM concepts accessible to females and students from bilingual and low-income families and recruits diverse educators to teach these subjects.  Northside High School students are primarily low-income students who dream of college diplomas. Through project-based learning to understand complex problems and to prepare our next generation of innovators, our mission is to facilitate creative thinking through collaborative innovation.  

All Advanced Applied STEM Career Academy students demonstrate academic motivation and potential, and all face significant obstacles to realizing their aspirations. Our program emphasizes cooperative group interaction reflecting a dynamic and active approach to learning and discovery through hands-on activities.  The environment is filled with energy and excitement and ongoing interaction between teachers and students.  This results in students developing skills ranging from high-level thinking and creative problem solving to project planning and solution communicating. Our career academy's philosophy holds students accountable to the highest academic standards.  This academy prepares technological pioneers for tomorrow’s careers, college eligibility and success.  There are five different STEM pathways from which to choose as seen below. Students have the potential to graduate from high school with various professional industry-standard certifications. NSHS’s STEM  Academy’s connection to education programs, post-secondary education, policy-makers, business/industry, and other state agencies ensure our citizens are learning the skills that will keep their communities globally competitive.

Join NCAC and Northside High School for an Insight Onsite: A Deep Dive Into a Model Academy,  March 12-13, 2018.  To learn more about this unique academy's partnership with NCAC's professional learning experience, CLICK HERE.

Northside High School

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