Virtual Learning

Two-Day Online Learning Workshop

JUNE 11-12, 2020

Engage Students in Authentic Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

This rigorous, real-world approach to teaching and learning takes students beyond textbooks and teachers to facilitators of in-depth, engaging learning! It provides students the opportunity to learn the required content and skills embedded in the project while creating and developing solutions to current and potential problems and challenges in their chosen career areas of interest.

During this two-day online workshop, participants will learn:
•           The components of PBL
•           Create authentic projects focused on content standards and skills
•           How to assess authentic projects using multiple sources
•           Teaching strategies to support student success in a PBL setting 
•           The impact of PBL on student learning.

Participants will leave the training with the outline of a project or project ideas and a set of resources to support them in fully developing and implementing the projects.

Facilitator: Dr. Kelly Henderson
Format: Online Virtual Session
Dates: June 11-12, 2020
Cost: $150

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - But check back soon! We have a lot of sessions coming out this fall!