About NCAC

Mission and Vision

From its inception in 1996, NCAC has been providing collaborative support and resources for existing and emerging career academies.
Mission: Utilizing international experts and products, the National Career Academy Coalition leads education and community leaders through the design of a customized school blueprint framed by the National Standards of Practice.
Vision: To be the premier international organization partnering with schools and communities to facilitate sustainable and transformational school design framed by the National Standards of Practice preparing ALL students for college, career, and life. 


As the keeper of the National Standards of Practice, NCAC’s mission is to ADVISE organizations across the country in order to create and support a national network of existing and emerging career academies. NCAC offers direct access to academy experts and advice on all things Career Academy.


Our members access world-class professional development, action and strategic planning guides, career academy research and data, and much more.


The NCAC convenes major players in the Career Academy world. We advocate for Career Academies from the district level to the White House and place papers and articles in the National Media.

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