Capstone Manual

NCAC’s capstone manual addresses the National Standard of Practice 7 – Teaching and Learning. The packet allows districts to customize their approach to implementing the capstone experience for all academy students. Prices start at $900 for single purchase/one school.

Freshman Seminar Course

NCAC’s semester long course is suitable for an A/B Schedule. It includes eight units that cover the following topics: Freshman Norms, Teambuilding, Organizational Skills, Career and Pathway Research, and Digital Literacy. Prices start at $3,000 for single purchase/one school.

Business & Community Engagement Guide

The Guide is divided into four sections. The Introduction reviews the “Why” of partnerships and the historical connection to the academy model followed by four sections on Communication, Organization, Management, Relationship Building, and Measuring Impact. Prices start at $500 for single purchase/one school.

Common Planning Guide

Common Planning Time for Academy Teams is essential for program coordination, curricular integration, business involvement, and resolution of student challenges. It is also a key criterion for NSOP 5. This guide will help structure your time for optimum effectiveness. Prices start at $500 for single purchase/one school.

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