Certification Process

Certification Process

National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) certification for career academies is an indication of the degree to which the research based model is being implemented based on the 10 National Standards of Practice (NSOP). Certification levels are progressive, ranging from "In-Progress, Certified, Model, to Model with Distinction". An array of practitioners from professional educational organizations across the country developed the standards, first presented by the Department of Labor, in 2004. NCAC has been the certifying organization for academies since 2009. The NSOP have remained unchanged, and the criteria for alignment with the standards has been updated when necessary. 

Certification is a recognition of the commitment to postsecondary education and career readiness, and an understanding students need to be prepared for both.  At NCAC, it is understood there are a range of postsecondary options for students, complimenting the range of careers available to them.  

Once your academy team has viewed the presentation, and all linked documents in the presentation, please complete the application for a review or baseline analysis. The primary contact will receive additional information, and as always, please contact ncobb@ncacinc.com  if you have additional questions after a complete review of the presentation related to the preferred service.

Certification Processes:

The Academy Review Process

The Freshman Academy Review Process

The Middle School Academy Review Process

The Elementary School Academy Review Process

The Baseline Analysis Process